Best Dry Cat Food
Vetalogica Naturals Cat Food Review

Vetalogica originated as a pet supplement company circa 2000 when two pharmacists realised many people were incorrectly offering their dogs human vitamins and ...

Taste of the Wild Cat Food Review

Boasting very high protein and fat makes this low-carb food a good choice for your furry feline friend.

Artemis Fresh Mix Cat Food Review

Artemis are a Californian company and not as large as some of the other US brands we find on our shores. There's a single recipe in the Fresh Mix "range" for ...

Black Hawk Grain Free Cat Food Review

Looking for an affordable "Australian" dry cat food without grains? How does popular brand Black Hawk stack up?

Open Farm Cat Food Review

Looking for an excellent dry cat food? Read our review of Open Farm Homestead Turkey & Chicken Recipe available at PetCircle.

Holistic Select Cat Food Review

Holsitic Select is the cheaper version of Earthborn but still pretty good and more budget friendly.

Earthborn Holistic Grain Free Cat Food Review

One of the most premium dry cat foods available. Read our review to see why this could be a good choice for your cat.

Earthborn Holistic Cat Food Review

WebsiteEarthborn HolisticAvailable from:Pet Circle: :My Pet Warehouse: 05/05/2022 - Consider this a cautionary alert. Earthborn issued a voluntary recall ...

Wellness CORE Cat Food Review

WebsiteWellness The CORE range from Wellness is a premium "grain free" offering, with a number of formulas including kitten and indoor. ...

Raw Meow Cat Food Review

In our Raw Meow cat food review we'll take a look at the freeze dried compete mix and supplemental mix available from this Australian home-grown company.

Feline Natural Cat Food Review

A raw diet with the convenience of a dry food - excellent! Feline Natural offers a diet akin to a native feline diet.

Wellness Complete Cat Food Review

Wellness is a premium American brand. This is the grain version, but Wellness CORE grain free is better.

Pet Food Reviews (Australia)
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