Australian Made Cat Food
Fussy Cat Cat Food Review

If you shop at Coles, Woolworths, or IGA, then you've probably seen this popular brand of "cat food". Fussy Cat has been a household name for quite some ...

Black Hawk Cat Food Review

An Australian success story, but is the Black Hawk grain-based dry cat food any good?

Woolworths Essentials Cat Food Review

Shameful and likely harmful cat food from Woolworths. Not suitable for cats.

Leaps & Bounds Cat Food Review

A "Yeah, Nah" homebrand of PetBarn and City Farmers. Cereal grains don't make good cat food.

Raw Meow Cat Food Review

In our Raw Meow cat food review we'll take a look at the freeze dried compete mix and supplemental mix available from this Australian home-grown company.

Feline Natural Cat Food Review

A raw diet with the convenience of a dry food - excellent! Feline Natural offers a diet akin to a native feline diet.

BIOpet Cat Food Review

How does Australian brand BIOPet grain free for cats stack up against other dry cat foods. Read our review to find out more...

Applaws Cat Food Review

Applaws is one of the best brands readily available in the supermarket.

Optimum Cat Food Review

Do you think celebrity vet Dr Chris Brown likes Mars Bars? Do you think he would endorse them as a nutritious diet? Probably not... but it may surprise you ...

Meals for Meows Cat Food Review

Meals for Mutts, but for Meows. One of the better Australian brands of dry dog and cat food.

Pet Food Reviews (Australia)
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