Bestie Kitchen (Supplements)

Bestie Kitchen (Supplements)
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If the best diet for a dog is a well-formulated raw diet, the worst diet for a dog is a poorly-formulated raw diet. Getting the balance of meat, organs, vitamins and minerals is hard to do. What if you miss something?

Enter Bestie Kitchens Supplements. These are designed to provide all the nutrition your dog will need other than fresh meat. That makes it very simple to offer your dog a balanced raw diet without the risk, and it offers you the freedom to mix in whatever variety of meat you like. Chicken on Monday, minced beef on Tuesday, lamb on Wednesday…

Bestie Kitchen (Supplements)

The supplement contains 19 wholefoods, most of which put kibble to shame. Find me a kibble which includes manuka honey – I bet you can’t. Most kibbles are nothing more than grain or potato, token meat and fat, and an added “vitamin and mineral” pack sourced from overseas. This allows them to meet “complete and balanced” requirements, but it doesn’t make them healthy or nutritious.

Bestie Kitchen (Supplements)

If I were to elaborate on the health benefits of all included ingredients this would be a very long review, so rest assured this product contains a plethora of ingredients to boost health, immunity, organs, blood, bones, joints, skin and coat, as well as probiotics to support gastrointestinal health. That’s before adding fresh human grade meat!

Also, if you’re savvy with where you buy your meat, it’s possible to keep costs down while offering your dog a far better diet than what supermarket kibbles will ever offer.

Highly recommended.


Apple powder, bone broth powder, carrot powder, sweet potato powder, MCHA bone meal powder, cod liver oil, organic wheat grass powder, organic pumpkin powder, organic shiitake mushroom powder, kale powder, green lipped mussel, nutritional yeast, probiotic (bacillus coagulans), kelp powder, organic nettle powder, organic chicory root powder, kakadu plum powder, manuka honey powder, iodised salt.

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