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Paul's Petfood

Paul’s Petfood

Paul’s Petfood can be found at a few independent retailers, mainly in NSW where it’s manufactured by Paul’s Stockfeeds – a small manufacturer that churns out cheap food for pigs, poultry, sheep, cattle, and the like. They bag up some of their product for dogs as well, which is what we have here.

The food’s full of by-products from beef, sheep, and poultry, which is cannibalism if you consider it’s fed back to those animals. It’s not good for your dog either as it’s the cheapest, nastiest source of “meat”.

If it’s any consolation the cheap meat by-products are not very prominent in the food when you consider it’s mainly wholegrains. But that’s not good either. We don’t know what those wholegrains are because they’re not listed on the label, but I can pretty much guarantee they’re the cheapest wholegrains you can buy. I’ll take a stab at this being wheat, and perhaps some corn or whatever else can be thrown in cheaply.

If cheap grains aren’t bad enough, we also find grain by-products as the 3rd ingredient, which is the wastage from those cheap grains being processed. This is the grain equivalent of sawdust, and has nutritional value on the negative scale.

Calcium Propionate is added as an anti-fungal. It’s a chemical and potentially carcinogenic.

$29 for a huge 20 kilo bag may seem fantastically cheap, but if you account for vets bills later on (or the heartbreak of a dead pet) then it really isn’t such a great buy.

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Where to buy?

A few pet food stores which I won’t list here.

Good points…

Really really really cheap (but you get what you pay for).

Bad points…

All of it.

Guaranteed Analysis

No guaranteed analysis is listed on the packaging, with this being the only pet food I’ve reviewed in Australia that doesn’t have this.


Wholegrains, prime meat and meat by-products derived from beef and sheep, grain by-products, poultry meal, tallow, oil from vegetable seeds, iodised salt, vitamins and minerals, vitamin E enriched, calcium propionate (anti-mold).