Sniff Out – Save money on pet stuff!

Sniff Out – Save money on pet stuff!

Owning a cat or dog can cost $12,000 to $25,000 over their lifespan, according to the Herald Sun!

Feeding a decent pet food (or incurring the real costs of feeding a *cheap* pet food) will be a significant percentage of those costs.

I find most online retailers like My Pet Warehouse, Pet Circle et al offer regular deals on decent foods, making it easy to save money as well as the convenience of having food delivered to your door.

We’ve put together a website that compares prices over a number of retailers, with more to be added in coming months. This should make it easy for you to find good deals 🙂

Please check it out, and if it’s of use bookmark it, share it, and give feedback if you like!

We’ll also be adding live *best* prices to our reviews so it’s easier to see how prices compare between foods.

Currently it finds prices from My Pet Warehouse, Pet Circle, PETstock, , and :Pets Palace:.

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