What is the Best Cat Food in Australia?

What is the Best Cat Food in Australia?

As we continue to push for better regulation in the Australian pet food industry it can be hard to trust many pet food brands. Our 2021 Best Cat Food in Australia list will offer you a great starting point in deciding what to feed your cat. Our reviews are independent, unbiased, and offer insight into ingredients and guaranteed analysis. What does the labelling really say?

What is the Best Cat Food in Australia?

If you’re baffled with conflicting information on the web about feeding a cat, then spare a quick 10 minutes to read the short guide How To Feed A Dog (don’t worry, the same simple logic applies to cats)

Best Cat Food in Australia

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About the Best Cat Food in Australia list

Firstly, this list will change periodically as new cat foods are introduced, formulas change, or feedback changes. We constantly monitor consumer feedback and recalls and adjust the list accordingly. Check back regularly!

Nutrition Analysis of the Best Cat Foods

All the foods on the list must meet our stringent criteria. In a nutshell, here are a few:

  • Must meet AAFCO requirements.
  • Must have sufficient protein and fat.
  • Must have sufficient meat ingredients.
  • Must not contain any nasty or ambiguous ingredients.
  • Must avoid allergenic or problematic ingredients.
  • Must have a long standing reputation and good consumer feedback.

We Care What You Think – Your Feedback is Useful!

Many people contact us daily with feedback or consumer issues. These are valuable to us and help us adjust ratings accordingly. In the past, sadly, highly rated brands have suffered from formula changes, ingredient changes, or manufacturer changes. If you’re aware of any problems – let us know.

Best Cat Food Australia

All our reviews are independent and unbiased, using nutritional analysis of the ingredients and composition. The reviews aim to inform you what the ingredients really mean, and what they really say based on Australian Pet Food Standards AS 5812.

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We hope our Best Cat Food in Australia list has helped you out.