Our responsibility

Our responsibility

I read this on the Dogz forum today:

The ‘better’ food will be the one your dogs find most palatable and do better on.


This is a true statement in part, but the following response is excellent:


Your dog could have good poos and survive on the lowest quality food i.e. 2 minute noodles > this is not the best food for the dog.

Some foods are too rich for dogs, some dogs (most) have food intolerance, so it’s finding a good quality food that is going to have positive gene expression (Nutrigenomics) and sit well with your dogs tummy. We need to stop promoting “the best food is what your dog does best on” because people often only consider the ‘now’ not the future and usually only consider what comes out of their dog at the ‘now’. Nutrition is much bigger picture, and we know this already in regards to our own bodies but for some reason we choose to ignore it for canines maybe because cost is prohibitive or we don’t have the same want for our dogs when it comes to health and longevity that we do for our human families or are we under the incorrect assumption that good poos means the dog is on the best food?

Palatable is certainly important but it needs to be considered where this is coming from, is it from high quality bio available proteins or artificial methods / low quality proteins lacking bio availability?

It’s certainly true that one dog may thrive on Blackhawk Fish & Potato and another may not, I think it’s logical in terms of individuals no matter what species.

Dog guardians should consider the terms “Thrive” “Survive” “Do well on” carefully. As canine guardians we need to become experts in what goes into our dogs bodies and not just go for brands or packaging. Some of the more well known kibbles out there such as RC and Advance have some of the lowest quality ingredients in some of their lines. The ingredients panel is in clear view for all canine guardians to read, it’s our job to understand what those ingredients are and what they do to our dogs bodies now and in the future.


Well worth considering if you’re a guardian of a furry friend.

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