Freeze Dry Australia 100% Raw Dog Food Grain Free

Country of originAustralia
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Feeding raw is a chore. It means stocking up and chopping up lots of yucky organs, and for many there’s always a concern of getting the balance right. This is where freeze dried food offers a wonderfully simple (yet more costly) alternative.

100% Raw Dog Food, a freeze dried diet from Freeze Dry Australia, offers a raw diet with a convenience and shelf life on par with kibble, yet with the wonderful ingredients you would find in a raw diet. All you need to do is reconstitute it with water prior to feeding – easy peasy.

Most of the food is meat and organs, with a combination of lamb heart, kangaroo tail, beef, emu, salmon (powdered), kangaroo liver, sardines, beef liver, beef kidney, and even the wonderful green lipped mussels which are rich in omegas for heart and joint health. These ingredients are rich in the vital nutrients your dog needs, and it’s a far better diet than kibbles formulated with wheat and supplemented with vitamins.

There’s some other nice inclusions as well, with a range of fruits and vegetables, egg yolks (lovely!), and preserved with rosemary rather than chemicals.

So what’s the catch? You could say the price, but at least you’re offering your dog what they really should be eating. If price is a factor then mix this with another food, use it as a topper, or a weekly treat. They also offer an alternative with oats as a more affordable option.


Lamb heart chunks, kangaroo tail, beef, emu, salmon powder, kangaroo liver chunks, sweet potato, green apples, broccoli, sardines, beef liver, beef kidney, cabbage, kale, cauliflower, green lip mussel powder, egg yolks, parsley, rosemary extract.

8.8 Total Score
Raw without the chore!

  • True to a natural canine diet.
  • Lots of meat, organs, fish, eggs, and green lipped mussels.
  • Naturally preserved (with the natural preservation of freeze drying).
User Rating: 2.81 (176 votes)