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Don’t be fooled by excellent reviews of Crave from American pet food review websites – they have a completely different product. Sadly our Australian version, branded the same, isn’t quite as good.

It’s one of the more budget offerings from Mars, makers of Pedigree, My Dog, Optimum, Advance, Royal Canin, and so forth. When it comes to Woolworths as the main supplier this is possibly a good thing compared to their home brands, but in the great scheme of things it’s not really a plus.

The ingredients scream “budget”, all being ambiguous – ask yourself what they could possibly mean by “natural flavours”. It’s worrying to see ambiguous “antioxidants” listed on a label, which I believe in this case are the carcinogenic chemicals BHA/BHT. These have been tested on rats, causing liver, thyroid, and kidney problems, and allergies to boot.

Meat and vegetable content is ambiguous and likely poor quality. Vitamins and minerals are added as a pack, possibly sourced from China (as the cheapest option). Meat may be the first ingredient, and it may be grain free, but it’s hard to find anything positive about this product.

This is not something I would feed my dog. Would you feed it?

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Meat from Poultry (including Chicken) & Fish (including Salmon); Vegetables and Vegetable Extracts; Chicken Fat; Natural Flavours (made with real Chicken); Beet Pulp; Vitamins and Minerals; Antioxidants; Vegetable Oil.

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