Boomer Dog Food Review

Boomer Dog Food Review

Us Aussie’s are proud, and proud to buy Australian. So Boomer from The Great Australian Petfood Co. sounds great, doesn’t it?

Sadly it isn’t. It’s one of the worst foods I’ve reviewed.

Boomer Dog Food Review

The main ingredient is “whole grains” which might not be too bad, but it isn’t specified what. Some grains are common causes of allergens in dogs so I’d like to know what they actually are. Without knowing, I can’t say whether this is good or bad. In any case a decent food should have some kind of meat product as the main ingredient. Dogs in their native habitat didn’t sit around munching on wheat all day, did they?

Next up comes by-products from sheep and cattle, which could be anything from organs to brains to bones. There’s only one real plus of using by-products in a dog food – it’s cheap.

If the food isn’t bad enough so far, the third ingredient is grain by-products. What that means is all the non-nutritional crap left over after the good stuff has been taken out. Why have waste like that in the top three ingredients?

I can give the food some merit from having poultry meal (chicken meal would be better) in the fourth spot. Poultry “meal” is more concentrated than just “poultry” as it’s been weighed after cooking, so that’s a slight plus, but next comes tallow which is a rendered product and not good to see.

Boomer Dog Food Review

There’s not much else good about this product. I wouldn’t recommend it.

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Wholegrains, meat & meat by-products derived from beef & sheep, grain byproducts, poultry meal, tallow, oil from vegetable seeds, kelp, garlic, iodised salt, vitamins A, B2, D, E, K & trace minerals – calcium, phosphorus, potassium (K), zinc. Manganese & calcium propionate (anti-mould). Natural Prebiotic.

Boomer Dog Food Review

2 Total Score
Run off off the mill, literally

  • Ambiguous grains and grain by-products