Clear Dog Treats Review

Update: Some recent consumer feedback on Clear Dog Treats has shown potential quality issues. Have you had any issues? If so, please comment or get in touch – thank you.

Clear Dog Treats are an Australian company, and one of the biggest natural treat companies on our turf. They make a wide range of treats for dogs including pig’s ears, kangaroo tails, scrolls, and liver treats. You’ll even find more exotic treats like mantis shrimp, hoki fish, goat horns, shark tails, and shark skin dental chews!

The world’s your oyster…

(oh, hold on, yes, they also do oyster treats!)

In our Clear Dog Treats review we’ll take a look at the company, some of their huge range of products, consumer feedback, and assess whether they’re good for your dog.

Clear Dog treats review

What the marketing says

Clear Dog Treats claim to use human grade meats from Australian abattoirs. That’s a good thing when you consider most treats sold in Australia are imported cheaply from overseas and subject to potentially harmful irradiation. Irradiation of imported cat foods was banned due to causing severe neurological impairment, but as the affects on dogs remains unknown it’s still legal to sell irradiated dog treats despite concerns raised by us and the RSPCA.

My advice to people with treats is make sure you know where they come from, and what’s in them. You’ll be surprised how many have words such as “Product of PRC” in tiny letters tucked away under a flap on the packaging, which means an irradiated product sourced from China, possibly of very dubious quality.

That’s not the case with Clear Dog Treats – thankfully.

Clear Dog Treats Review

According to the Clear Dog Treats website, their products contain no preservatives, no additives, no fillers, no food colourings, and no added sugar. Great stuff ✔️

The next time you’re in Woolworths, Coles, Petbarn, or your local pet store, take a look at the packaging of some of the treats. Some of them are made mostly of sugar – how can that be good for your dog?

I find the marketing of Clear Dog honest, open, and suggests treats for dogs of a better quality than most.

What the ingredients really say

If you look at the ingredients of any Clear Dog treats, you’ll find they’re made 100% from the ingredient they’re advertised as. For example, the “cow ears” are “100% cow ears”, “kangaroo tendons” are “100% kangaroo tendons”.

Exactly as described ✔️

When we consider meats, particularly from Australian sources, we have two grades – pet grade and human grade.

Pet grade is often dubious quality, usually leftovers from human grade production facilities, and coming from a knackery will often contain sulphite preservatives to stop the meat going rank during slow processing and turnover. Sulphite preservatives, historically found in high doses in pet grade treats, can be harmful.

Human grade meats, like the ones used by Clear Dog Treats, is a much higher standard coming through an abattoir. This grade of meat is far less risky, and much better quality.

Not many Australian pet foods use human grade meats (Lyka and Frontier Pets are two of few), and far fewer treats.

Clear Dog Treats Review

Given Clear Dog Treats are natural, human grade, without preservatives and other nasties, that makes them a good choice for your dog or puppy.

Based on the above alone, Clear Dog Treats are recommended ✔️

What Clear Dog Treats are good for my dog (or puppy)?

Given the huge range of treats available I figured it would be worth mentioning what treats would be good for your dog.

Dogs are facultative carnivores, and given most treats available from Clear Dog are animal products, they’re pretty much all good for a dog.

Clear Dog Treats for dogs
Clear Dog Treats for dogs

If you’re into vegan dog treats (like some are), then they have some treats made of apple. Apple is good for a dog, so they’re fine too in moderation!

Liver treats are always a good option as a rich source of nutrients, but keep in moderation as too much liver for dogs can result in vitamin A toxicosis.

Any fish-based treats, green lipped mussels, or shark cartilage are great for joint health, heart health, skin, and coat. Clear Dog Treats offer a wide range, and even with fish you’ll find a variety from mackerel fish, hoki fish, tuna fish, to regular fish jerky.

Dental health is something you can also address with appropriate treats. Most dental treats for dogs are nothing more than gimmicks (take a look at the ingredients of Greenies for example), with real dental health achieved by a dog naturally chewing or gnawing on a meaty bone.

Within the Clear Dog Treats range there are a number of options which should aid dental health, and these are worth looking into no matter if you feed a diet of kibble, wet, raw, or barf.

Some good options are leg bones, goat horns, kangaroo tendons, or for smaller dogs perhaps turkey necks or chicken necks which are easy to feed and nice and chewy in their dried state.

So no matter what breed your dog is, whether they’re tiny, huge, young or old, Clear Dog Treats have something in their range to suit. Not even Coles or Woolies have such a wide range of fish or meats!

Where to buy Clear Dog treats

Clear Dog Treats are available to order from their website. They deliver to most areas of Australia but note charges may vary for remote regions. At the time of writing they offer free delivery over a certain amount, so that’s worth considering.

The treat hampers are a good mix if you’re unsure of what to buy.

Consumer feedback of Clear Dog Treats

I like to take due diligence when reviewing pet food products, especially given how dubious the Australian pet food industry is – more so for treats.

From going through consumer feedback of Clear Dog Treats I found nothing ominous, with most issues being slow delivery at times. One consumer was concerned about the potent smell of fish jerky fillets, which on further investigation was nothing more than the drying process increasing the smell of the Flake (gummy shark) used at that particular time for the treat.

Often people are put off by the potent smell of dried meat or fish, which is merely a deterrent for us, but for our dogs is often mouth-wateringly appealing.

I’ve found nothing concerning with the Clear Dog Treats themselves, but if anyone reading this has their own experience then please say so in the comments below!

I hope this Clear Dog Treats review has been useful!

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7.5 Total Score
Clear Dog Treats Review

Clear Dog Treats offer an astounding range of treats for dogs, including goat horns, green lipped mussels, liver treats, pig's ears, and even oyster treats. They're human grade without preservatives, colourings, or added sugars. Basically everything you need treat-wise.

  • 100% the ingredient the product represents
  • No preservatives, colours, additives, or added sugar
  • Human grade
  • Astoundingly wide range of treats for dogs

David D'Angelo

David D'Angelo has worked as a scientist since graduating with a BSc (Hons) in 2000. In addition, David holds a CPD accredited Diploma in Pet Nutrition as well as being CPD accredited VSA (Veterinary Support Assistant). However, his experience and involvement in the pet food industry for 15+ years has given true insight into pet food, formulations, science, research, and pet food marketing. Facebook | LinkedIn | Instagram | Pinterest

  1. To be fair though a lot of the bad reviews are on a website that has 4legs rated as the best dog food. So reviews aren’t always an accurate measurement of a company.

  2. I understand that clear dog treats can be bad with deliveries and response when consumer tries to communicate with them. My friend had to deal with them greatly. however, I have none so far. I am regularly ordering treats from them. I am trusting their products being processed in QLD.
    My only issue is that many times that the items are not available time to time, then again, I can find other things to order pretty easily.
    It would be nice if PET FOOD REVIEWS would visit them again and see how things are in production.

  3. You can’t be serious trying to pose this off as a legitimate review. I found at least 10 bad reviews for this company and they weren’t relating to delivery times. This is an ad, not a legitimate review. You must be getting kickbacks.

    • Reply
      Pet Food Reviews (Australia) May 30, 2022 at 9:46 pm

      Hi Jules, thanks for the comment. I’ve just done some digging and it seems there are some negative reviews about Clear Dog treats, seemingly more since I wrote the review last year. I’m looking into it. In the interim I’ve added a comment at the top of the page and dropped the rating.

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