Why Chia Seeds are great for Dogs!

Chia seeds are one of the easiest and most nutritious supplements we can use to boost the health of our dogs. Here's why!

How to fatten up your dog

First question - why is your dog underweight? It may be a reason you haven't considered, like diet, stress, or health. Here's how to fatten up your dog the ...

How many eggs can a dog eat in a day?

How many eggs should you feed a dog per day or week? This calculation should give you a rough idea of how many eggs you can feed your dog.

Can a Cat Eat Rice?

Rice is in many cat foods, but is it good for your cat? Let's look at the science and influences behind whether a cat can or should eat rice.

Can a Cat Eat Cheese?

Is cheese a good treat for a cat? This depends on type of cheese, salt content, additives, and whether your cat is lactose tolerant. Read more - can cats eat ...

Probiotics for Cats

Probiotics are beneficial for any cat, but only when you address other vital issues first - namely diet. Read our guide to probiotics for cats (in Australia)!

FLAWED! Vegan cat food study, Griffith University FAIL!

One mega oversight makes this study into vegan cat food very flawed, yet viral media will convince veterinarians and cat owners to feed their cats a vegan diet.

Can dogs eat raw eggs?

The incredible egg! One of our "cancelled" super nutritious natural foods packed with protein, vitamins, and minerals. Should you feed raw eggs to your dog?

Cat food for urinary care – what you should really consider for the health of your cat

What should you know about cat food for urinary care before you accept product recommendations? How can you help your cat stay healthy for years to come?

BARF Diets: Are you risking your dog’s health?

BARF can be risking your dog's health, but why? I see the key reason being ground bone, and the risk of periodontal disease. This is a must read if you feed ...

Pancreatitis & Low Fat Dog Foods

Low fat dog foods are commonly prescribed if your dog is suffering pancreatitis. Which diet is best, and what should you consider?

How does diet affect joint health in dogs?

How can diet affect joint health in your dog, and what can you do about it? 1 in 5 middle-aged dogs suffer a degenerative joint disease, and you don't want ...

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