Applaws – Manufacturing issue November 2015 to January 2016

Applaws are a UK company and relatively new to the Australian pet food market. Those that follow our Facebook page will be aware of a manufacturing problem since November 2015 until the present day (January 2016) which has resulted in coloured plastic being found in the Applaws It’s All Good dry foods.

Applaws - Manufacturing issue November 2015 to January 2016

We rate the Applaws foods highly, so it’s sad to see the these issues occur. Unfortunately in this industry manufacturing problems do arise and can be a real test to the company in how they’re resolved, especially for smaller manufacturers. If you’re interested, read our reviews for Applaws dog food and Applaws cat food.

Below is a statement from Applaws directly to us, so please read. It details the manufacturing problem which has occurred and also the resolutions and assurances they’re putting in place to prevent such an occurrence happening in the future.

At Applaws, we believe that pets deserve only the very best and we sincerely apologise because the recent experience of some of our consumers does not reflect this belief.

The Australian factory that produces Applaws is audited regularly so that we maintain the highest possible standards. In light of further feedback on the production of some Applaws It’s All Good Chicken varieties we have carried out an extended review of processes across the complete supply chain including both our partner factory and their chicken suppliers. We have found that the foreign bodies reported by some consumers came from a new supplier of chicken meal which has only been used prior to Christmas 2015. We have taken an immediate decision to never use this supplier again. We use only what we believe to be the finest Australian reared Chicken in our dry food formulations and we are deeply disappointed that this supplier has not maintained the standards we expect.

We would like to reassure our customers that the small grains of plastic are human grade nylon which is not toxic to humans or animals. We have committed to an enhanced set of quality control procedures across our whole supply chain to ensure that this cannot happen again. We have also put in place a process to support individual consumers via the Applaws team at

Applaws - Manufacturing issue November 2015 to January 2016

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  1. I have been feeding Applaws It’S All Good small/medium dog, chicken dry biscuits for around 9 months and extremely happy with the product. However unfortunately I have in the past week opened a 5.5kg bag and found red, blue and green foreign objects in the kibble. I have returned this bag to my supplier, that is contacting the Applaws representative to report the matter and then contact me with the outcome.I have since bought from another two different suppliers and found the same coloured materials in 4 different bags with completely different dates/ batches. I purchased the new kangaroo (that has no chicken meal in the ingredients list,) and a bag of the new Turkey/ chicen, and to my disappointment found the same coloured materials in the kibble. So unfortunately After finding this material in 3 differnet products felt the need to inform you of my findings of this possibly more widespread affected product contamination.

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