Air or Freeze Dried Cat Food

Raw Meow

31 May

Review Details Rating Website Raw Meow Country of origin Australia A company making waves amongst the raw-feeding cat community is Raw Meow. They’ve gained a loyal following selling prey model raw foods, and have now released a complete freeze dried food. This is a fantastic way of feeding your cat a natural diet with the […]

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Balanced Life (by Vets All Natural)

28 Jul

Review Details Rating Website Balanced Life Available from My Pet Warehouse I say this all the time, but cats are obligate carnivores. They need a diet high in meat and without the starchy grainy carbs we find in most commercial cat foods. Balance Life is 80% meat, bone, and offal which is fantastic. The remaining […]

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Feline Natural (K9 Natural)

29 Feb

Review Details Rating Website K9 Natural Country of origin New Zealand Available from Pet Circle, My Pet Warehouse Feline Natural¬†is the feline version of the K9 Natural. This is a freeze dried raw food, so retains more nutritional content than a kibble would. Before feeding it to your cat you mix it with water to […]

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ZiwiPeak Air Dried

03 Nov

Review Details Rating Website ZiwiPeak Country of origin: New Zealand Available from: Pet Circle, My Pet Warehouse, PETstock ZiwiPeak from New Zealand make a rather unique “air-dried” cat food, more in keeping with a raw diet than a dry kibble diet. When a normal kibble is cooked some of the nutrients are lost in the […]

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