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Purina FortiFlora Review (Canine/Feline)

Most pet owners get prescribed an expensive probiotic when their pet starts getting diarrhea or flatulence. This is probably why you're here, reading this ...

Purina Hydra Care Review (for cats)

y supplement for cats designed to be fed alongside a dry food. In this review of Purina Hydra Care you'll learn the punchline of this rather sad joke.

Purina One Cat Food Review

Purina (owned by Nestle) make some terrible cat foods. In our Purina One cat food review we'll take a look at the Adult healthy weight dry food.

Purina Beyond Dog Food Review

Not bad for a Purina brand. Beyond is probably the best dry dog food on offer from the Nestle company.

Purina “Fancy Feast” – Or let’s say “Not so Fancy Feast”

These pictures were sent to me today by a concerned consumer of Purina Fancy Feast. It doesn't look like "Chicken & Turkey" to me. I'm guessing the ...

Purina Lucky Dog Dog Food Review

Unlucky Dog would be more apt for this terrible product labelled as "dog food". By-products of cereals are waste products not dog food.

Supercoat Dog Food Review

Supercoat is great value for money, but understanding the ingredients can really help you boost your dog's health. Find out more in the Supercoat dog food ...

What’s the Best Kitten Food in Australia?

Your furry little pet carnivore depends on you for their health and wellbeing, and that starts with diet. Let's take a look at the best kitten foods in ...

Dog food brands to avoid

What dog food brands should you avoid feeding, and why? A few telltale signs can help you answer this question.

Hill’s Pet Nutrition in $2 Billion Lawsuit

Does grain-free dog food really cause heart disease (DCM) in dogs? KetoNatural don't think so, and allege Hill's made fraudulent claims.

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