Purina Hydra Care Review (for cats)

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Purina Hydra Care is a fancy supplement for cats designed to be fed alongside dry food. In this review of Purina Hydra Care you’ll learn the punchline of this rather sad joke.

Purina Hydra Care review

What the marketing says

Hydra Care is a “Feline Hydration Supplement”, marketed by the Nestle Purina PetCare company as “a nutrient-enriched water to support healthy hydration in cats”.

So, in other words, a “water supplement”?

Now why would that be necessary?


In a nutshell – urinary tract disorders and urinary disease are common in domestic cats, and kidney failure is the biggest killer. All these conditions stem from lack of moisture in the diet, and the reason for lack of moisture is because dry processed kibble doesn’t contain much moisture.

Purina Hydra Care Review (for cats)

Cats, like camels, are desert animals. They’re terrible drinkers who in their native environment would consume moisture from devouring prey (mice aren’t devoid of moisture like kibble is). Even when a cat is provided with fresh clean water they’ll rarely drink enough.

Consider this – what is the real issue Purina are trying to address with Hydra Care? Do you think it might be the issue caused by their dry foods starving your cat of moisture?

Are they taking out the water from your cat’s food, then selling it to you separately? 🤔

If so, what a genius marketing strategy that is!

What the ingredients really say

The first ingredient in Purina Hydra Care is water.

The guaranteed analysis states water to be 97% of the product.

If you consider water is free (well at least very very cheap) from your kitchen tap, then we’ll have to evaluate the worth of Hydra Care by the remaining 3% of the ingredients…

So let’s take a look…

Purina Hydra Care Review (for cats)

The 2nd ingredient is glycine, marketed for a variety of uses without scientific evidence of being effective or safe (according to WebMD). Being an amino acid naturally sourced from high protein foods like meat, fish, dairy, and legumes, it makes you wonder why Purina have added this to Hydra Care?

Perhaps their dry foods are lacking in meats and fish?

Moving on, there’s some other small inclusions in Hydra Care. We find whey protein isolate, clearly for cats who lift:

Purina Hydra Care Review (for cats)
Purina Hydra Care – Does your cat lift?

We also find liver flavour, which I’m sure your cat will enjoy along with the 97% taste of water. There’s natural flavour too, whatever that is.

But it doesn’t matter too much, as all we’re talking about here is that small 3% of the product.

What Purina are really selling you with the Hydra Care product is this – water.

How much are you willing to pay for water?

Perhaps just feed your cat wet food, barf, or some fresh meats and organs. All are inclusive of water!

The “Science” behind Purina Hydra Care

Before you watch this fascinating highly-scientific(!) video from Purina, just keep in mind this simple fact – if your cat doesn’t consume water with a dry diet, they’ll get sick. Water is fundamental to a cat’s diet. There’s no complex science behind it.

Purina Hydra Care – Why water is healthy for cats.

Did you notice the cats in the control group fed water + water + dry food showed a significant improvement in “hydration parameters” to the cats in the group fed water + dry food?


We hope you’ve enjoyed our Purina Hydra Care review. Feel free to tell your friends how enlightening this website is! Thank you.

Where to buy Purina Hydra Care in Australia

At the time of writing, Purina Hydra Care is yet to hit our shelves. You may find it first on Amazon, but expect it to be in stores soon.

Ingredients of Purina Hydra Care for Cats

Ingredients of Purina Hydra Care supplement for cats as of September 2021 :

Water, glycine, whey protein isolate, glycerin, guar gum, liver flavor, natural flavor, potassium chloride. B250220

Guaranteed analysis of Purina Hydra Care for Cats

Guaranteed analysis of Purina Hydra Care supplement for cats as of September 2021:

Protein(min) 2%
Moisture(max) 97%

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