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Is kibble + air dried pieces better than kibble? Find out in our Balanced Life Enhanced dog food review!

Well formulated raw diet with the convenience of being dried and easy to feed. Read the Balanced Life dog food review!

WebsitePure Life Pet FoodsCountry of originAustralia Pure Life is an Australian brand with a little twist when it comes to kibble - instead of baking the ...

LifeWise is a well-considered, well-rounded premium dry dog food.

Maggie feeds her furbaby a can in the morning, and a can in the evening. Every day she feeds the same food, like so many thousands of people do. But listen ...

Raw dog food delivery in Australia is a growing trend, with decent options springing up all the time in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin, Melbourne, Perth, ...

Raw dog food is a big topic, so this page will cover the basics, homemade raw recipes, raw patties/BARF, and essential resources.

A no-nonsense guide on how to feed a dog (or cat), including your puppy, kitten.

Some of my best recommendations for Australian dog foods (which are both Australian Made AND Australian Owned).

What dog treats in Australia are worth buying? Some are great, some are terrible, and this essential guide will point you in the right direction!

Pet Food Reviews (Australia)
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