Many wet foods aren’t a nutritionally balanced diet

Many wet foods aren’t a nutritionally balanced diet

Maggie feeds her furbaby a can in the morning, and a can in the evening. Every day she feeds the same food, like so many thousands of people do.

But listen up…!!

You may be shocked to know MANY WET FOODS ARE NOT A PROPER DIET!

Thousands and thousands of innocent consumers believe they’re feeding their pets a proper diet, but they’re not.

Take a look at the photo at the top, a common brand of pet food sold in almost every supermarket in Australia. Do you recognise it?

The first words we see are PREMIUM and QUALITY – these are merely marketing words to distract you from the truth.

Halfway down, in small letters, are the words “for occasional or supplemental feeding only“. This is all pet food manufacturers need to write on the label to say it’s not a nutritionally balanced diet. It’s nothing more than a “treat”, marketed as real food.

Your friendly pet food manufacturers aren’t very good at telling you this are they? Of course not, they want to keep costs down and profits up. For a food to be nutritionally balanced it must adhere to standards and contain all necessary vitamins and minerals for your pet to sustain a healthy life. The trouble is these things cost money, and money is more important to these companies than your pet’s health.

So if you feed a wet diet, please check the small print on the cans. Some wet foods are nutritionally balanced, many aren’t. Make sure you know what you’re feeding.

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