How to stop your dog eating too fast

Some dogs don’t eat food, they inhale it. I’ve seen dogs devour food faster than a Dyson would. It’s not a good thing as (1) it can lead to choking, and (2) it can lead to gas.

Many people ask me which foods offer a larger-sized biscuit, so here’s a shortlist of highly rated large breed dog foods. This may help, but thankfully there are other great ways to slow down eating.

Slow Feeder Bowls

For as little as 10 bucks you can buy a slow feeder bowl from the pet store. These are designed with obstructions within the bowl to stop your dog gulping the food. They’re a simple and convenient option, and work really well.

Cupcake tins or Upside Down Bowls!

Use a cupcake tin to stop your dog inhaling food
Use a cupcake tin to stop your dog inhaling food

If you can’t afford a slow feeder bowl you can always use a cupcake tin and spread the food into each cup!

Some dog food bowls can be turned upside down (like the one in the picture at the top), which is a super cheap and easy way of slowing your dog’s intake!

Hide & Seek Dinner Time

Why not turn dinner time into play time by hiding small quantities of dog food in safe places around the garden (or indoors if it suits)? This can keep your dog occupied and entertained while they sniff around and hunt it down. Even scattering food around on a clean floor will stop them gulping it down.

Interactive Puzzle Feeders

Another fun option for slowing down feeding and keeping your dog entertained is an interactive feeder. These work in a similar way to the slow feeding bowls but with a bit more interaction. Some puzzle feeders use levers or other techniques which your dog will need to learn before being rewarded with the food.

Hand feed

This is likely the most time-consuming last resort option, but hand feeding your dog will absolutely guarantee they won’t gobble it down. It’s not my cup of tea, but it’s an option. Your dog will love you as their own personal food dispenser!

If you have any other ideas, say so in the comments!

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