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Healthy Everyday Pets has shown to be a very reputable Australian pet food company. In terms of kibble they produce the highest meat protein dog food made in Australia, and it’s also very low carbohydrates. For our Healthy Everyday Pets dog food review we’ll focus on the Athlete formula as the pick of the bunch.

When Healthy Everyday Pets was launched it was fronted by celebrity chef Pete Evans, the “Paleo Chef”. Unlike some terrible Australian brands fronted by celebrity vets, the paleo philosophy lends itself amazingly well to a true canine diet. Pete Evans is no longer involved with the brand, which instead is now fronted by it’s true owners – Michael Ryan, personal trainer to the likes of Hugh Jackman and James Marsden, and his wife Zoe, nutritionist from Good Chef Bad Chef. Both are resounding dog lovers who are committed to bettering the health of dogs, and going by the ingredients in this dog food they know a thing or two about the right way of doing it.

Healthy Everyday Pets Dog Food Review

For this review we’ll focus on Healthy Everyday Pets Athlete as the leading recipe in the range. It’s high protein, high fat, and low carbs – all great things when it comes to a true canine diet. The other formulas are good, just not as good as Athlete. It’s designed for high-energy dogs, but if we’re honest the formula is great for any dogs, even lazy dogs. It’s mostly meat after all, and dog’s need meat.

There’s some great claims on the Healthy Everyday Pets packaging, and they really show the company knows what’s good for a dog.

Here’s a few:

  • 86% of protein is from real meat sources – perfect for a canine.
  • 36% total protein – making this one of the highest protein dry dog foods in Australia.
  • Low carbs/low sugars – a dog doesn’t need carbohydrates or sugars.
  • Grain and gluten free.
  • Locally sourced.
  • With Kale, Turmeric, Green Lipped Mussels, and a mixture of selected herbs – all very nice inclusions.

If the labelling is anything to go by then we know Healthy Everyday Pets Athlete is up there with the best, so let’s dig a little deeper and see what the ingredients and analysis really tell us about this dog food…

Healthy Everyday Pets Dog Food Review

The first two ingredients are a combo of protein-dense chicken meal and ocean fish meal, which we know are in a significant amount as they equate to 86% of the protein. The third ingredient as chick pea flour will make up most of the remaining protein as well as fibre, and is relatively easy for a dog to digest.

Edible tallow is somewhat ambiguous, and for the sake of transparency would be better listed as something more specific, such as beef tallow, but simply put is the fat content of the food.

We find some really nice inclusions in all Healthy Everyday Pets dog foods, such as apple, alfalfa, and kelp, all listed above salt at 1% to ensure us there’s a reasonable amount. We also find a whole list of smaller inclusions which should provide benefit in small amounts – marine fish oil, coconut oil, green lipped mussels, and chondroitin to support joint health and wellbeing, and turmeric as an anti-carcinogenic.

Pre and probiotics are included for gut health, as well as all required vitamins and minerals.

Healthy Everyday Pets Dog Food Review

Healthy Everyday Pets dog food, particularly the Athlete formula (although the others are good too), sits way above the bar. It’s one of the best high-protein, high-fat, and low carbohydrate Australian dry dog foods you can buy.

Give it a go!

Do you feed Healthy Everyday Pets? Has our Healthy Everyday Pets dog food review given you a good insight? If so let us know in the comments. Thanks!

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Healthy Everyday Pets Ingredients (Athlete)

Ingredients of Healthy Everyday Pets Athlete dry dog food as of June 2021:

Chicken Meal, Ocean Fish Meal, Chick Pea Flour, Edible Tallow, Tapioca, Natural Flavours, Apple, Alfalfa Leaf Meal, Kelp, Sea Salt, Probiotic and Prebiotics, Vitamin and Trace Mineral Premix, Marine Fish Oil, Choline Chloride, Potassium Chloride, Virgin Coconut Oil, Fructo-oligosaccarides, Parsley, Glucosamine HCL, Mixed tocopherols and Rosemary, Turmeric, Green Lipped Mussel, Organic Acids, Chondroitin SO4 and Black Pepper.

Healthy Everyday Pets Guaranteed Analysis (Athlete)

Guaranteed analysis of Healthy Everyday Pets Athlete dry dog food as of June 2021:

Protein(min) 36%
Fat(min) 16%
Crude Fibre(max) 3.5%
Carbohydrates *(max) 20% (stated on label)
* May be estimated. Read how to calculate carbohydrates in a pet food.

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9.2 Total Score
Healthy Everyday Pets Dog Food Review

Closer to a native canine diet than most dry foods

  • High protein
  • Excellent meat content

  1. Yes this product is no longer available. What a shame because my dog loved all the Healthy Everyday varieties.

    Time to remove this review for sure.

  2. Loved this dog food- absolutely great!

    But- they’ve closed down and haven’t let their customers know in any way shape or form. Their website is down, and phone line is disconnected. No replies to their customer service email as well. I think it might be best to take down this review? You can’t even buy the food from them anymore and I’m sure stock at pet stores will run out pretty soon as they won’t be getting any more supply.

    Pretty poor customer service on their part to not even make an official post about closing their business down, they are completely uncontactable and haven’t posted on any social media in over a month. They didn’t send out an email linked to their customer’s accounts either. No posts about closing on Instagram or Facebook, nothing via email or text, and no notice on the website before it shutdown either.
    If you look at their second most recent post on Instagram, in the comments you can see someone has a pending order and will not receive it as they have closed down, and cant contact them for a refund either.

    The food itself was fantastic, fed my lab puppy the puppy formula and my adult lab and golden the athlete formula. It’s a shame they completely ghosted their customers.

    As always- love your reviews. I’ve been using your reviews as a guideline to find what works for my dog- this review helped me find healthy everyday pets in the beginning and start feeding this food. Your reviews also helped me find Petzyo originally before we switched to HEP. Just a shame!

    • YES I’m so frustrated! We’d just transitioned my dog over to the athlete blend from her puppy food (she hit one year old) and her poo was healthier than ever. Went online to buy a bigger bag and couldn’t find anything. Went with our second choice and her poos have gone mooshy and not as healthy… Back to the drawing board 🙁

  3. The calculations on the carbs are incorrect. A lot of misleading, and as a reviewer, you should know when there are alarm bells ringing. You rated this 9.2. This comment is so accurate that I don’t want you to take my word for it. It will be available to you on the internet this coming week 😉 It’s exactly what occurs when you don’t tell the truth. See if ths coment gets published.

    • Where is this so called comment of yours, Joe? whats the truth.

      • Reply
        Pet Food Reviews (Australia) June 14, 2023 at 6:54 pm

        No response was expected. I feel they were a little disgruntled for whatever reason, which may not be anything to do with the review. I had a 1 star Google review left the very same day, which was as ambiguous as this.

    • Reply
      Pet Food Reviews (Australia) May 19, 2023 at 12:39 pm

      Hi Joe, the carbohydrates are those stated by HEP as a maximum percentage, and protein and fat as a minimum. Why do you believe these are wrong?

      I have no issues publishing your comment, and if you have more information to share feel free to do so for the benefit of other readers.

  4. I was sold on that food till I went to the website and looked at the ingredients of all of them. Every single variety has chicken

    • Reply
      Pet Food Reviews (Australia) March 20, 2023 at 8:58 pm

      Most dry foods have some form of chicken, even if it’s only on the label as “animal fat”. Does you dog have a chicken sensitivity?

  5. After reading your review, I have purchased the athlete food to try. My 20 month old standard schnauzer has only ever had Royal Canin and over the last few months has been vomiting on and off (every 3-4 weeks). This is happening a few hours after feeding and is still almost whole kibble. The vet has trialled her on a diet over the last 2 months of the Royal Canin Anaallergenic (not sure of spelling) ONLY (no treats or any other food), but to no avail. She doesn’t know what could be causing it and the next step would be a $1,000 ultrasound. I decided to do some research on foods before committing to the ultrasound and came across your website, which is highly informative (thank you). I had no idea about grain free etc. and always thought I was feeding her the absolute best food as you see it in every vet clinic. I’m willing to give this a try and hopefully it will end the vomiting.

    Unfortunately I didn’t scroll down your review far enough to see all the customer reviews before I ordered and am a little concerned by some of the comments. Hopefully I get good results as I ordered the largest bag :0

    On a side note, I have long been a loyal Pet Circle customer and have found them to have the best prices and great service. Both of the recommended stockists websites among others were out of stock, so I searched further and found PetPost. They were the cheapest and had stock as well as being the cheapest for my worming treatment. They don’t have a huge range of products but certainly very competitive and postage was free.

    Thanks so much for all your hard work and efforts for sharing non biased and transparent insights. I have and will continue to recommend your website.

  6. I absolutely love Healthy Everyday Pets! I used the puppy formula for my 3 litters of Golden Retriever pups and they are are all thriving. Healthy Everyday Pets do an amazing “puppy Parent Pack” for breeders with a value of $100 and includes a 3Kg bag of the puppy formula. Zoe and her team have been so supportive and helpful. I am also putting my 5 adult Golden Retrievers on their adult flavours. I have been looking for a low carb/high protein (from real meat) for a long time and so happy I found it.

  7. Since my brother’s cocker spaniel is thriving on this (Athelete variety), I thought I’d try it on my Papillons. Although I’m sure it’s a good food, they didn’t care for it much. Pity.

  8. I fed my dog Athlete and she seems to be doing fine so far, she doesn’t like it as much as her old food (4Legs Wet food) but it’s a fair trade off for actually getting her required protein. Oddly enough my dog’s poo’s haven’t gone dry like others have when on this diet. Instead they seem like a healthy consistency. What is weird is that they are extremely pungent now. I used to not be able to smell it if she just recently did her business on the balcony. Now I smell it pretty soon after she’s gone. It’s been about a week now, apart from that no issues yet. Will keep going and see how she goes.

  9. Interesting mixed reviews here. Our Cocker spaniel is thriving on the ‘Athlete’s’ variety. No issues with it whatsoever.

  10. I bought the fish variety for my dogs 2 months ago and have had nothing but diarrhoea and stomach upsets from it. I transitioned them slowly over 2 weeks from their old food (stay loyal which was awesome). Every other aspect of their feeding has been the same so I know its the biscuits.
    Really disappointed with this food and won’t be feeding again

    • Following up from my last post. I kept persevering with this food and both of my dogs kept having issues to the point where my eldest dog ended up VERY sick and at the Vet. Turns out this food has given her liver toxicity and caused pancreatitis. I immediately ceased feeding the food and have kept a sample which I am looking to have sampled for toxicity.
      I contacted the makers of the food and haven’t had a single response back. (Its been 5 weeks now) Which is pretty disgusting as I was very polite and calm when contacting them. I’m disappointed and angry now and do not recommend using this brand.

  11. Do we know what the omega 6/3 ratio is for this food? Thanks

    • I also bought the ocean fish version of food and it’s given my dog very runny poo. Previously she was on lamb and kangaroo and her poo was firm.

      • Reply
        Pet Food Reviews (Australia) June 24, 2022 at 6:12 pm

        Hi Meg, was this the first time you fed the fish formula? It’s common for dogs to get a bit of runny poo when new foods are introduced, so that could be the reason?

  12. My border collie cross is fed the Athlete dry food and loves it. She has had some allergies in the past but does amazingly well on this food. Great to have a food that’s super healthy for her that she loves enough I can use the kibble as treats!

    • Raw meat is the best food for dogs , $120 p,w…
      $300, p,w for kibble …!
      Bloody robbery…!
      It is kibble ,,,!
      No such thing as good kibble ..!
      Price it for the majority of ppl ,make more money ..

      • $300 per week for kibble??? What are you feeding??? I got 100kg of dog at home and it still only costs me about $60 a week. Do you have 500kg of doggo?

  13. I was excited until I saw the rosemary ingredient used as a preservative. Bummer. I have an epileptic dog and rosemary is a known trigger for seizures (not all dogs but who wants to find out the hard way?)

  14. Pete Evans is an Anti-Vaxer that doesn’t know anything about human nutrition (his “Paleo for Babies“ cook book was pulled from shelves because it was promoting dangerous meals for infants). So I find your advocacy of him knowing his stuff about pet food to be hugely dubious.

    If this is a good food for dogs, that’s great, but if you’re promoting him as a person (and buying his products means supporting his crazy conspiracy theories), then that’s a whole different story.

  15. The worst dry food I’ve ever seen. My dog’s poo became hard as rock, and when crushed it falls apart as a dust. Soaking in water prior to feeding didn’t help at all.

    The feeding instructions are wrong. I was actually feeding my Lab even less than recommended amount, but anyways two weeks after he gained extra weight.
    I’ve been feeding my doggo grain-free food for years and we changed a few brands over the course, but I never saw such bad “result”.
    This relates to Turkey and Pork variant.

  16. Reply
    Christine Vanderhaak November 2, 2018 at 4:52 am

    I feed the turkey/pork flavour, and my dog loves it. I rotate between this and Stay loyal. I love that everyday pets is potato and legume free. So many foods bump up the protein using plants such as peas and lentils. I can pretty much rest assured that the protein content in this food comes mainly from meat, which is how it should be!

    Also, unlike other posters, I found the turkey/pork had a strong meaty aroma.

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