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New Zealand has provided us with the fabulous Ziwi Peak and K9 Natural pet foods, both of which have proven to be really decent. We now have a third option – Kiwi Kitchens.

This range of foods is air-dried, so more similar to Ziwi, but the formulation is similar to both Kiwi counterparts. They boast on the packet 93% barn raised chicken which is excellent, especially when you consider pretty much all commercial pet foods are around 20% meat if you’re lucky. The caveat is a price tag you may be able to afford with a small dog or ferret (yep, these foods are great for ferrets), but if you have two super-active Border Collies like me you’d likely end up broke. What I do, and what many people do, is feed these foods as part of the diet or “toppers”. That makes them an excellent and more cost-effective solution to add vital and healthy nutrients to our pets diet.

Chicken isn’t the only meat source in the food. We also find salmon which is one of the most expensive ingredients included in pet foods, and a wonderful source of nutrients and oils to support well being, heart health, joints, skin and coat. We also find the wonderful green-lipped mussels which further supports the overall health of your dog. You won’t find ingredients such as this in supermarket or vet-endorsed kibbles labelled “super premium” (whatever that means).

Chicken liver and heart are included as well. Liver is much richer in vitamins and minerals than muscle meat. Heart is also rich in vitamins and minerals. These are ingredients our dogs should be eating, not kibbles made of corn with ambiguous vitamin and mineral powder sprinkled on top. We should really have more organ meat in our diet as well, but most of us consider these things as yucky (including me, I confess).

We find peas in the food, but not enough to be put off by. There’s a great deal of fear-mongering in the pet food industry at the moment about excessive legumes being tenuously linked to heart disease in dogs, but this is really only applicable to the grain-free kibbles absolutely packed with peas which are fed continuously as a sole diet. Peas in a small amount are beneficial to a dog, adding nutrients, protein, and fibre.

The trace ingredients all have minor merit as well – flaxseed, blackcurrant, kiwifruit, kelp, and extra oils.

Recommended. This is a great addition to a dog’s diet.

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Chicken (Meat and Heart), Salmon, Peas, Chicken Liver, New Zealand Green Mussel, Flaxseed, Gelatin, Blackcurrant, Kiwifruit, Sunflower Oil, Fish Oil, Mixed Tocopherols, Vitamins and Minerals, Dried Kelp.

9.2 Total Score
Nutritious air-dried "raw" food

  • Meat, Fish, Organs
  • Green lipped mussels
  • Good ingredients all round
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