Worst Dry Cat Food
Catpro Plus Cat Food Review

In our Catpro Plus cat food review we'll find out why not to feed this Australian product to your cats, because wheat and corn aren't species appropriate.

Crave Cat Food Review

Cheapest, nastiest, budget Mars brand. Not on par with the much better American offering. Ambiguous ingredients, and little to (c)rave about.

Dine Desire Cat Food Review

Would feeding a carnivore cereal grains constitute "nutritional abuse"? What about food colourings? Does your cat care about colour? Read more...

Woolworths Smitten Cat Food Review

Woolworth's home brand Smitten in the cat version of Baxters - the dog food that's been linked to sickness and death.

ALDI Cachet Cat Food Review

Country of originThailandAvailable fromALDI Simple fact - cats are carnivores. Meat eaters. So why is the main ingredient in this product corn meal? If ...

Woolworths Essentials Cat Food Review

Shameful and likely harmful cat food from Woolworths. Not suitable for cats.

Friskies Cat Food Review

How much BAD can you put in a cat food? Food colourings, cereal by-products, ambiguous antioxidants? Friskies is appalling.

Alert Plus+

Review Details Rating Website No website Alert Plus+ If you're considering feeding this to your cat, the short answer is ...

Fancy Feast Cat Food Review

Wait, hold on. If you look at the ingredients we find there's no prawn in the food. There's no mackerel, and no crab either. What's going on?

Whiskas Cat Food Review

Cereal grains with food colourings for cats. No wonder cats get so sick in later years. Whiskas is terrible.

Pet Food Reviews (Australia)
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