High Protein Dry Dog Food

Absolute Holistic (Air Dried)

26 Jun

Review Details Rating Website Absolute Holistic Country of origin New Zealand Available from: My Pet Warehouse Most dogs in Australia are fed processed diets formulated of wheat/sorghum/rice/corn, mostly under the banner of “premium”. But when you consider a dog is from the order carnivora this doesn’t sit right. Wouldn’t it be better to feed them […]

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Black Hawk Working Dog

21 Jun

Review Details Rating: Website: Black Hawk Country of origin: Australia Available from: Pet Circle, My Pet Warehouse, PETstock, Jumbo Pets You might be surprised to know most Working Dog foods are the complete opposite of what a working dog really needs. An active dog needs quality meat proteins to build and retain muscle and overall […]

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Healthy Everyday Pets (Pete Evans)

14 May

Review Details Rating Website Healthy Everyday Pets (Pete Evans) Country of origin Australia Available from: Healthy Everyday Pets, Pet Circle We haven’t had much luck with celebrities selling or endorsing pet food in the past, with most seeming to “cash-in” on poor products they really don’t seem to care about. So how does celeb chef […]

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Man’s Best

13 Mar

Review Details Rating Website Man’s Best Country of origin Australia Every now and then an Aussie Company takes the reigns and brings out a really decent, well considered dog food. Enter Man’s Best. Man’s Best is 100% Australian Made & Owned, manufactured in NSW and currently in stock in a select number of independent pet stores. It […]

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Vetalogica Naturals

18 Aug

Review Details Rating Website Vetalogica Naturals Country of origin Australia Available from Pet Circle, My Pet Warehouse The Vetalogica company began when two pharmacists realised many people were incorrectly offering their dogs human vitamins and supplements, which was a trend circa 2000. They formed a successful Australian company selling natural remedies, supplements, and treats for […]

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