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V-Dog Dog Food Review

I'm not a fan of vegan or vegetarian dog foods, and the science is so terribly flawed (read this), but I find V-Dog dog food comes across the best of the ...

Vets All Natural Raw76 Dog Food Review

Review Details Rating Not rated (see review) Website Vets All Natural Country of origin Australia Available from :My Pet Warehouse: Vets All ...

Vitality / Advanced Pet Care Dog Food Review (NOT Advance)

Review Details Rating Website Advanced Pet Care Country of origin Australia Vitality - Advanced Pet Care Firstly this ...

What’s the real reason a change in diet can have a smelly effect?

You've changed your dog's food and now he's farting and his poos are smelly!? "Screw this! I'm going back to the old food!" I hear people say. But wait a ...

The convenience food industry making our pets fat

I wanted to share this excellent article by Richard Malik, University of Sydney. The original article can be found on The Conversation. Commercial dry foods ...

Are vets nutritionists?

We trust our vets as professionals, and trust the diets they recommend for the optimum health of our pets. So why, you may ask, do I rate the foods commonly ...

How customer service should be – from Meals for Mutts

All too often a reply from a pet food manufacturer will skirt around a customer query. I once asked Purina what "Animal Digest" was, and their response was ...

Pet Food Reviews (Australia)
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