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Bugsy Dog Food Review

One of the best Australian dog foods, Bugsy's is an air dried raw dog food packed with nutrition and no fillers. Read more in this review.

Lyka Dog Food Review

As one of my best dog food recommendations, Lyka has been a game changer in Australian dog food. Read the review to find out why!


It's flawed, but BARF has many benefits for the health of your dog or cat. BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) was an Australian invention, reaching cult ...

What’s the Best Kitten Food in Australia?

Your furry little pet carnivore depends on you for their health and wellbeing, and that starts with diet. Let's take a look at the best kitten foods in ...

What’s the best cat food (in Australia)?

What is the best cat food in 2024? This may depend on your budget, circumstances, and where you shop, but here are some great recommendations (and advice!)

What’s the best dog food (in Australia)?

Choosing the right dog food is HARD! How can we believe what we're told, what's healthy? What is the best dog food in Australia, and why? Hopefully this list ...

How to Feed Fussy Cats!

Do you know why your cat's a fussy cat? You should definitely consider the following reasons why a cat can become fussy.

Treats for Dogs with Arthritis

What treats will really help your dog with arthritis, and which are gimmicks? Let's take a look at popular dog treats for arthritis, how they're made, and what ...

Vegetarian & Vegan Dog Food

Are you looking for the best vegetarian or vegan dog food in Australia? Here you will find reviews of available brands.

My Carnivore Diet Diary

Our pet carnivores (dogs & cats) benefit greatly from a meat/organ/bone based diet, yet a current trend seems to be steak and salt - that's NOT a carnivore ...

Pet Food Reviews (Australia)
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