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Hypoallergenic Dog Foods: What You Need to Know

Looking for hypoallergenic dog food in Australia? Check out our guide for everything you need to know about choosing the right food for your pup's sensitive ...

Cavoodle Breed Information (Cavapoo)

Looking to buy a Cavoodle puppy, or already have one and want to know what to feed him and how to care for him? All in the Cavoodle Breed Profile!

Dachshund Breed Information

Dachshund, Doxie, Sausage Dog, or Weiner Dog - all you need to know, including whether they suit your lifestyle, and what how you should care for them and feed ...

Zealandia Dog Food Review

Zealandia is a premium range of wet pâté foods for dogs and cats. For our Zealandia dog food review we'll take a good look - dig in!

Raw Dog Food

Raw dog food is a big topic, so this page will cover the basics, homemade raw recipes, raw patties/BARF, and essential resources.

Australian dog foods (and my best recommendations!)

Some of my best recommendations for Australian dog foods (which are both Australian Made AND Australian Owned).

What’s the best puppy food?

What's the best puppy food in 2024? Whether you're on a budget or can afford the best available, this guide will walk you through doing the best for your new ...

K9 Natural Dog Food Review

A fantastic raw dog diet, freeze dried for convenience. K9 Natural is very good.

Kiwi Kitchens Dog Food Review

In our Kiwi Kitchens dog food review we'll see if this ZIWI Peak rival from New Zealand is as good, or not as good.

The best dog treats in Australia – with health benefits!

What dog treats in Australia are worth buying? Some are great, some are terrible, and this essential guide will point you in the right direction!

Pet Food Reviews (Australia)
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