Pet Food Reviews would like to mention the following supporters and related organisations we’ve had the pleasure of working with:

Tom Lonsdale - Raw Meaty Bones Pet Food Reviews is a review site predominantly for commercial pet foods, but we have a strong emphasis on dogs and cats being fundamentally carnivorous. Tom Lonsdale from Raw Meaty Bones is a seasoned veterinarian with decades of experience in pet health. Tom has seen first hand the damage commercial pet foods can do, and it’s important to understand the reason why. Tom promotes a true carnivore diet of raw meaty bones (explained further in his book Work Wonders – essential reading for all pet owners).
Australian Pet Owners Group (APOG) Australian Pet Owners Group (APOG) is a select group of advocates for pet health in Australia, comprising of vets, councillors, and pet food industry insiders. APOG was established to push for better regulations in the Australian pet food manufacturing industry, with clearer labelling and marketing to ensure consumers of pet food are more aware of what they are buying.

Pet Food Reviews has collaborated with APOG on a number of matters, including the Senate Inquiry into the Safety of Pet Food (2018).

Australian Canine Megaesophagus Group was established to support the owner’s of dogs suffering canine megaesophagus in Australia. The group played a vital part in pushing the investigation into diet-related canine megaesophagus in 2018, providing vital evidence to Melbourne University U-Vet who traced numerous cases to Mars brand Advance Dermocare.

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