Warning – Australian treats imported from China

Disclaimer: Information correct at the time of writing. If you have concerns check the label.

Below is a list of treats sold in Australia which have been imported from China. For 12 years there have been numerous warnings and concerns about the safety of these treats, in many cases linked to sickness and death, combined with further concerns over irradiation of the products when imported into Australia.

FDA Jerky Warning

It is believed treats (specifically jerky treats) are a possible cause of Fanconi syndrome which affects the kidneys, but vomiting and diarrhea have also shown to be issues with these treats.

The FDA in the US has issued warnings over jerky treats, and the RSPCA in Australia have issued concerns over irradiated pet food products. Irradiation has proved to be fatal for cats and subsequently banned, but the unknown effects on dogs means it is still legal in Australia to sell these products to dogs.

Many of the below products conceal the true origin by stating in obscure small print “Product of PRC” – an elusive way of labeling a Chinese import. Others distract you from the truth by stating “Packaged in Australia”, or saying they’re from an Australian company.

List of Australian brand pet food products imported from China

Note: This information may change over time. Please let us know if this proves the case. Manufacturers offer a range of products, in most cases only some are imported from China.

This is not a conclusive list, so always read the packaging.


Numerous Blackdog treats are sourced from China, being listed as “Product of PRC”.

  • Blackdog Jumbo Pork Rolls
  • Blackdog Chicken Filled Pork Twists
  • Blackdog Pork Twists
  • Blackdog Chicken Breast Fillet
  • Blackdog Duck Jerky
  • Blackdog Chicken Skewers
  • Blackdog Chicken Discs
  • Blackdog Sweet Potato & Chicken Wrap
  • Blackdog Fish & Chicken Sushi
  • Blackdog Veggie Ears
  • Blackdog Sweet Potato Slice

Other products are sourced from South Korea and Australia.

Source: Blackdog website (Nov 2019)

Bow Wow

Many Bow Wow products claim “Contains local and imported products” without specifying the country of origin of imported products. Some products state “Must not be fed to cats”, which is a requirement of irradiated pet meats.

Source: Product packaging (Nov 2019)

Pups in the Pantry (Available in COLES)

Multiple products made in China (listed as “Product Made in P.R.C.).

  • Doggy-Mite Scrolls (Rawhide)
  • Peamutt-Butter Scrolls (Rawhide)
  • Mutt-Ello Choc Drops (Sugar with carob)

Source: Product packaging (Nov 2019)


Coles Rawhide Strips are labelled “imported and local ingredients”, without specifying the country of origin of imported products.

Vitapet (Masterpet)

Vitapet produce a number of treats, such as the JerHigh Chicken Tenders and JerHigh Fish Tenders (pictured) which are labelled as “Made in Thailand”. They are also labelled “Not to be fed to cats”, a requirement of irradiated pet meats.

Yours Droolly (Masterpet)

Originally manufactured in China, at the time of writing these may now be a product of Thailand.