Pet Food Reviews (Australia) is a reference service to help you make an informed decision when buying dog or cat food.

Welcome! A number of years ago I created the US website Pet Food Ratings, dedicated to ingredients and nutrition analysis of commercial pet foods for dogs and cats. The feedback and satistfaction I have received from that website encouraged me to create Pet Food Reviews (Australia). I’ve lived in Perth for over 5 years now, so it seemed a logical progression.

Many ask about my professional qualifications, so I believe it’s important to give this information readily on this website.

I have a Bachelor of Science Degree ~ BSc (Hons) in Business and Information Systems from the University of Portsmouth in England from where I graduated in 2000. Since then I have worked in many industries, from government to pharmaceutical to retail, and everything inbetween. In 2007 I started my own company, primarily working with the UK retailer The Co-operative Group, and progressing into research and publications for a multinational blue chip organisation as a professional writer. My post-university qualifications are diverse, with consultancy certifications in customer relationship management, business development and project management, and I’m a qualified car mechanic too (which I did for fun).

But where does this fit in with dog and cat kibble? The answer is it started with a personal interest. I grew up with dogs, but it was a cat called Rodney who really made me aware of pet food and what’s involved in producing it. Sadly, it was after he died when I started to become more knowledgable.


RodneyRodney was already an old cat when we took him in, and it wasn’t long until we became inseperable – buddies of man and beast. At 13 he sadly developed problems with his kidneys and was given 6 months longevity, so we began feeding him an expensive “scientific” kibble recommended by our vets. He lived to the ripe old age of 21, which reinforced my opinion of the food we’d fed him.

It was only in later years that I reconsidered. Yes, he lived to an old age, but after we made the transition to the prescription food he was never the same cat. He became very frail, docile, and not the cheerful fella he was before. He developed other ailments and we lovingly helped him through other difficulties. We did our best, but his quality of life was never as good as it was before.

So did the food help?

I’ll never know the answer, but will continue to wonder. The quality of the food we fed was far from high quality, and the “scientific” factor not as scientific as I originally believed. Would he have done better on a different food? Would he have lived longer or lived less, or would his last years have been more buoyant?

Our Reviews

The reviews on Pet Food Reviews (Australia) are the direct result of information readily available from public sources – books, journals, research material, and other publications. This, combined with experience of several years of integrating with the pet food industry, manufacturers, and consumers has hopefully brought these reviews to a cohesive whole. I have collaborated with pet food manufacturers who in turn have re-analyised their formulas and re-formulated, and I’ve read and replied to hundreds of emails from pet owners across the world.

What I’ve learnt from my research is that a pet food can never be better than the ingredients that are in it. There are ways a manufacturer can make the ingredients tell a different story, and telltale signs in the ingredients and guaranteed analysis that show the truth. The information is there, and what I hope people gain from my reviews is an awareness of what they’re feeding the furry friends they love so much.


Pet food is continuously changing, with new brands and formulas appearing all the time. Over the years I’ve seen ingredients researched and their nutritional value proved and disproved. As much as I try to follow such information, it’s not possible to maintain so many reviews in a changing industry.

If you have any feedback, I always welcome comments on reviews or direct emails. Your contributions are appreciated, thanks.

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