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Hill’s Prescription Diet Kidney Care Cat Food Review (k/d)

Did you know cats are desert animals who source moisture from their food, which means dry food isn't great even for a cat without kidney problems?

Why do vets recommend Hill’s Science Diet / Prescription Diet?

I'm a qualified pet nutritionist, yet I rate Hill’s Science Diet, Hill's Prescription Diet, and Mars Royal Canin poorly. Vets on the other hand religiously ...

Hill’s Prescription Diet Cat Food Review

With so many grains in Hill's Prescription Diet cat food for our carnivorous cats, it really makes you wonder why such a diet would be prescribed or endorsed ...

Hill’s Prescription Diet Dog Food Review

Brewers rice marketed as some kind of scientific medicine? Hill's Prescription Diet is very expensive considering.

BARF Diets: Are you risking your dog’s health?

BARF can be risking your dog's health, but why? I see the key reason being ground bone, and the risk of periodontal disease. This is a must read if you feed ...

Best books on pet nutrition & ancestral diets

Best Books on Pet Nutrition & Ancestral Diets

Kidney / Renal Diets (Low Phosphorous, Quality Protein)

Renal Diets available in Australia Cats are more prone to kidney problems than dogs, so I'll focus more on cats on this page. Kidney problems require a ...

Hill’s Science Diet Dog Food Review

WebsiteHill'sAvailable from:Pet Circle:, :My Pet Warehouse: Toothpaste/Shampoo conglomerate Colgate-Palmolive make hundreds of millions of dollars selling ...

What’s the best dog food (in Australia)?

Choosing the right dog food is HARD! How can we believe what we're told, what's healthy? What is the best dog food in Australia, and why? Hopefully this list ...

Cat food for urinary care – what you should really consider for the health of your cat

What should you know about cat food for urinary care before you accept product recommendations? How can you help your cat stay healthy for years to come?

Pet Food Reviews (Australia)
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