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Puppy Teething: Simple Solutions

Puppy teething is a nightmare, and pushes most dog owners to breaking point. Thankfully there are simple & natural solutions to help both you and your puppy ...

How to Feed Fussy Cats!

Do you know why your cat's a fussy cat? You should definitely consider the following reasons why a cat can become fussy.

BARF Diets: Are you risking your dog’s health?

BARF can be risking your dog's health, but why? I see the key reason being ground bone, and the risk of periodontal disease. This is a must read if you feed ...

Pancreatitis & Low Fat Dog Foods

Low fat dog foods are commonly prescribed if your dog is suffering pancreatitis. Which diet is best, and what should you consider?

Ear Infections in Dogs – Symptoms, Treatment, & Prevention

Why does your dog have an ear infection, and what should you do? In this guide to ear infections in dogs we take a look at the many aspects of this common ...

Pet Food Reviews (Australia)
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