Where to buy?

Most of our best rated dog and cat foods aren’t available in your local supermarket. The reason being supermarkets cater for the mass market, and in the world of commerce most people opt for the cheapest possible product (sad but true). Many supermarket brands are on our worst rated list accept for a select few.

So why not buy online? It’s not as hard as you think, and the benefits are:

  • Most online retailers offer free delivery anywhere in Australia.
  • Constant sales on many top brands.
  • Repeat delivery (so save you the hassle of re-ordering).
  • No lugging heavy 20kg bags. It’s easy!

Recommended Australian pet food retailers: Pet Circle  

All are very reliable, competitively priced, and stock a wide range of decent products*.

Price compare!

If you really want to save a few bucks, then we offer the price compare tool SniffOut. It’s a simple search engine for finding the best prices on pet food and pet products in Australia.

*Please note we use an affiliate program for online retailers. This helps Pet Food Reviews to be a free resource (running a website costs money!). The ads, and buying from those retailers, helps to support this website.

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