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Vetalogica Cat Food Review

For our Vetalogica cat food review we'll take a look at Biologically Appropriate as a decent product, but also the cunning marketing from the company.

Vetalogica Naturals Cat Food Review

Vetalogica originated as a pet supplement company circa 2000 when two pharmacists realised many people were incorrectly offering their dogs human vitamins and ...

Vetalogica Dog Food Review

Vetalogica have shown to be one of the better Australian brands. They formulate their foods with one important consideration in mind - dogs are essentially ...

Vetalogica Naturals Dog Food Review

Read our review of Vetalogica Naturals dry dog food, a grain free Australian brand. Naturals is the budget friendly alternative to premium Biologically ...

What’s the Best Kitten Food in Australia?

Your furry little pet carnivore depends on you for their health and wellbeing, and that starts with diet. Let's take a look at the best kitten foods in ...

Calming Treats for Dogs – Read this first!

Did you know calming treats for dogs rarely have any real benefit? How do you tell the good brands from the bad, and what else will ease anxiety in your dog?

Joint supplements for dogs (in Australia)

To really help your dog you need a good diet + a real joint supplement, not a joint treat. In this guide to joint supplements for dogs in Australia we'll ...

Treats for Dogs with Arthritis

What treats will really help your dog with arthritis, and which are gimmicks? Let's take a look at popular dog treats for arthritis, how they're made, and what ...

Hey Roo! Kangaroo dog foods

Kangaroo is great for your dog, but how do you choose a good kangaroo dog food or treat? Are they single-protein, and how much kangaroo do they really contain?

Best Affordable Dog Food in Australia

Updated for 2023, these are recommended affordable dog foods available in Australia.

Pet Food Reviews (Australia)
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