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Limited ingredient dog foods

Your dog may benefit from a limited ingredient dog food, but what should you consider, and which brands are best?

Best Affordable Dog Food in Australia

Updated for 2023, these are recommended affordable dog foods available in Australia.

Prime100 Dog Food Review

Is Prime100 really any good? In our Prime100 dog food review we'll assess the rolls (SPD, SK-D, SK-G, a/f200V) and the Prime100 company as a whole.

Taste of the Wild PREY Dog Food Review

Itchy skin or coat? Read our Taste of the Wild PREY dog food review to find out why this could help!

A guide to large breed dog foods (and large breed puppy foods)

A guide to large breed dog foods in Australia, from best of the best to affordable brands, including large breed puppy foods.

Pet Food Reviews (Australia)
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