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Royal Canin Hypoallergenic Dog Food Review

Is Royal Canin Hypoallergenic dog food some kind of magic? Is it scientific? Or are your dog's allergies simpler to fix than you think? Read this review!

Royal Canin Dog Food Review

In this Royal Canin dog food review we'll take a look at all aspects of the brand, from marketing, ingredients, and veterinary formulas. Is it good for your ...

Royal Canin Cat Food Review

Mars brand of rice and maize for carnivores. An example of clever marketing. Read our review of Royal Canin for cats.

Prime100 SPD Air Dog Food Review

Prime100 are a reputable Australian pet food company known mostly for their single protein rolls, but have you considered the convenience of their air dried ...

What’s the Best Kitten Food in Australia?

Your furry little pet carnivore depends on you for their health and wellbeing, and that starts with diet. Let's take a look at the best kitten foods in ...

Prime100 Dog Food Rolls Review

Prime100 rolls may be a better option for your dog than a kibble, but how do they stack up against similar Australian dog foods?

Choosing the right Senior Dog food

There's some dodgy senior dog foods in Australia, so how can you find a brand which will benefit your dog in their senior years?

Hill’s Pet Nutrition in $2 Billion Lawsuit

Does grain-free dog food really cause heart disease (DCM) in dogs? KetoNatural don't think so, and allege Hill's made fraudulent claims.

What’s the best dog food (in Australia)?

Choosing the right dog food is HARD! How can we believe what we're told, what's healthy? What is the best dog food in Australia, and why? Hopefully this list ...

FLAWED! Vegan cat food study, Griffith University FAIL!

One mega oversight makes this study into vegan cat food very flawed, yet viral media will convince veterinarians and cat owners to feed their cats a vegan diet.

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