Optimum Furball Dry Cat Food Chicken 800g

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Optimum Furball Dry Cat Food Chicken 800g Pet: Cat Category: Cat Supplies Size: 0.8kg Rich Description: If your cat suffers from furballs and you would like to be proactive about reducing this problem Optimum Furball Cat with Chicken may be the right choice for your kitty. This dry food is formulated specifically for cats prone to furball formation. Cats naturally ingest hair during grooming which can bring about balls of fur in their stomach and consequent vomiting. Optimum Adult Furball Cat With Chicken contains beet pulp fibre which helps keep the gastrointestinal tract moving normally. This aids in the passage of furballs through the digestive tract to help reduce the symptoms of furballs. Beet pulp fibre to reduce the incidence of furballs No Artificial colours or flavours Made in Australia Yucca extract for less litter box odour and inulin prebiotic for fewer and firmer stools. Aids in healthy function of urinary tract heart and circulation and immune support Complete balanced diet for adult cats over 1 year of age

Specification: Optimum Furball Dry Cat Food Chicken 800g

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