Ivory Coat Dry Cat Food Adult Chicken 6kg

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Ivory Coat Dry Cat Food Adult Chicken 6kg Pet: Cat Category: Cat Supplies Size: 6.2kg Rich Description: Ivory Coat is all about premium wholesome formulas for cats and dogs made right here in Australia with locallysourced meat as the 1 ingredient. With options for dogs and cats of every size age and breed all of Ivory Coats dry and wet products taste great and offer complete and balanced nutrition. With a healthy choice of wholegrain or grainfree dry dog food as well as wet dog food and grain free dry cat food plus a range of natural grooming products that will leave your fourlegged friend looking and feeling its best. Allnatural grain free dry food Made in Australia from Australian ingredients High quality Chicken meal as the first ingredient Natural prebiotic to support healthy digestion No wheat corn soy meat byproduct or artificial colours flavours or preservatives Fully balanced diet suitable for adult cats of all breeds

Specification: Ivory Coat Dry Cat Food Adult Chicken 6kg


Ivory Coat

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