Trophy Dog Food Review

Trophy Dog Food Review
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Website: Trophy Pet Care
Country of origin: Australia
Trophy Premium

Trophy Premium

Trophy are based in Victoria and provide a home delivery service with a range of pet foods on offer. From reading their website they make bold statements about supermarket foods, raw, cooked meats, and table scraps potentially lowering your pets health by 30%, and by feeding their food you could “potentially” increase your pets life expectancy by up to 30%. By saying “potentially” and “by up to” doesn’t really say much, whereas the ingredients and nutrition analysis will do so let’s investigate…

When formulating a pet food there are ways to produce a quality product and ways to create a cheap one. I’ll list a few telltale signs of a cheap food:

  • The use of unspecified meat by-products (rendered meats).
  • The use of cheap grains such as wheat and corn, or worse:
  • The use of by-products of cheap grains.

With this food we find all of the above, so we’re not really off to a good start are we?

Trophy Dog Food Review

The meat in the food will come from a rendering plant. This is where the stated animals (cows, sheep, “poultry”) will be cooked up to produce a cheap and nasty meat ingredient that would never be allowed for human consumption. The quality of meat is suspect, often inclusive of diseased and dying animals with cysts, tumours, and other nasties thrown in.

Wheat and maize (corn) are the cheapest grains on offer, with wheat being the #1 cause of grain allergies, and corn is often used to artificially inflate protein levels in the food. What makes it worse is it’s not even wheat, it’s wheat by-products. Are we talking floor sweepings?

Trophy Dog Food Review

Sorry, I realise this is a small company, but I really struggle to find any positives with this food. At least with some of the bigger pet food manufacturers who sell rubbish have the assurance of stricter standards.

I can’t find the price listed on their website, so can’t comment on value for money.

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Meat by-product derived from beef and mutton and/or poultry meal, wheat by-products including wheat germ and/or barley and/or oats, maize, stabilised animal fats, salt, chloride, methionine, ferrous sulphate, copper oxide, cobalt sulphate, potassium, iodine, zinc oxide, manganous oxide, cod liver oil, vitamins A, D3, E, B1, B2, B12, calcium pantothenate, niacin and garlic.

Trophy Dog Food Review