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Purina Pro Plan

Purina Pro Plan

If you’ve read my reviews for Purina Beneful or Purina Bonnie then I question why you’re reading this. I’m not a fan of the Purina products, and you’ll see why in my reviews. Unfortunately Purina food is available everywhere, so many people feed it to their pets.

Chicken is the main ingredient, so that’s a plus, but the ingredients are in order of uncooked weight. Chicken is approximately 70% water, so this will be cooked off in the kibble making process. The second ingredient will become the bulk of the food, which is the cheap grain of wheat, one of the worst grains for a pet food and a common cause of allergies.

Poultry meal is 3rd on the ingredients, and this is where Pro Plan nudges ahead of the other products from Purina. I’d prefer to see a more definite source, such as “Chicken Meal”, as “Poultry” can come from a range of sources. It’s nice that it’s in “meal form” which means it doesn’t have the water content of regular meat. This should bulk up the animal protein in the food.

The ingredients are very poor from here on in. Corn is a cheap non-nutricious filler, and brewers rice is waste from beer brewing.

Seeing tallow in the food suggests the “poultry” we found earlier came from a rendering plant.  I won’t go into too much detail, but this is where diseased, dying, and disabled animals (classed as 4-D) are processed into a cheap “meat” product for profit-first pet food manufacturers. It likely contains wastage from other nasty sources too.

Purina Pro Plan is marginally better than other offerings from the company, but that doesn’t make it good value for money.

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