Bonnie Dog Food Review

Bonnie Dog Food Review
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On the Purina Australia website they claim this is “Real good food, for real good dogs“, which is a ridiculously un-factual statement. Truth be told it’s a diabolical food and your dogs definitely don’t deserve it whether they’re good dogs or bloody bad dogs.

We often find cheap grains used to bulk up dog foods. This maximises profit for the manufacturer but certainly has no benefit to your dogs. One of the cheapest grains is wheat, which consequentially is one of the worst grains to feed a dog. This is the main ingredient in Purina Bonnie which is appalling. It’s backed up with the non-nutritious, hard-to-digest, filthy cheap corn. At this point I could just say 1 star, don’t buy it, but I’ll continue…

Bonnie Dog Food Review

Dogs need a decent meat protein in their food, and the clever chaps at Purina have chosen Fish Meal for this. Having the main meat source third on the ingredient list is bad enough, but I doubt it’s a good ingredient anyway. The quality of the ingredient is largely open to debate, and given the quality of this food as a whole I imagine this to be the mashed up remains of mostly rank fish.

Ok, so we have poultry and poultry by-product meal, again with the quality open to debate. Kangaroo meat is a nice inclusion, but don’t be lured in to thinking this is a good food because it contains good-ole Aussie meat. I doubt there’s much Kangaroo in the food.

Why would they include skim milk? Most dogs are lactose intollerant. And blood meal…?

Bonnie Dog Food Review

If you haven’t read enough about Purina and their wonderful dog foods, then I’ll refer you to my review of Purina Beneful – a food I consistently hear rumours that it “kills dogs”.

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Ground whole wheat, ground whole corn, fish meal, poultry by-product meal, kangaroo meat, beef tallow, ground whole canola seed, skim milk, ground rice, blood meal, dried whole egg, natural antioxidants, essential vitamins and minerals.

Bonnie Dog Food Review

1 Total Score

  • Cheap fillers
  • Little else