Optimum Dog Food Review

Optimum Dog Food Review
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It may surprise you that Optimum is just another Mars brand. In fact it’s the cheaper alternative to Advance, the brand that harmed so many dogs with the debilitating condition megaesophagus, later linked to crop disease in corn.

Optimum Dog Food Review

In contrast to the marketing spiel on the packaging it’s nothing more than a grain-heavy formula with wheat (problematic grain), sorghum, rice, corn, or barley. Ambiguous meat, and ambiguous (and likely chemical) antioxidants, with the vegetables mentioned in the name way down the ingredients list right next to salt.

It makes you wonder why Dr Chris Brown endorses this food 💰

It’s possible, and quite likely, the two grain ingredients outweigh the ambiguous meat ingredient 2 to 1, so don’t be fooled by meat coming first on the ingredients list. The meat is also listed wet weight which is mostly water, so once cooked will ensure the grain is far more prominent, and not very healthy for your dog.

If your dog is itchy and scratchy on this food, then that will likely be the grains.

There are better dry dog foods available, even from Mars.

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Meat & meat by-products (poultry, beef and lamb); sorghum and/or rice and/or wheat; barley and/or corn; chicken digest; cereal protein; beet pulp; vegetables; salt; vegetable oil; minerals (potassium chloride, zinc sulphate, ferrous sulphate, copper sulphate, potassium iodide and selenium); sodium tripolyphosphate; vitamins (A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, B12, C, D, E and choline) and antioxidants.

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  • Lots of grains
  • Ambiguous ingredients
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