Australian Dog Food Company Dog Food Review

Australian Dog Food Company Dog Food Review
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Australian Dog Food Company

Australian Dog Food Company

Our personal opinion of the Australian Dog Food Company and the food they sell is negative. There are a number of reasons for this which I’ll cover in a factual and observatory manner.

Since we originally wrote a review for this food on 2nd August 2016 there have been three variations of ingredients. This makes it difficult to analyse the product. We have no confidence in what the real ingredients of the product are.

On 27nd October 2016 a representative from the company notified us the ingredients listed on our review were incorrect. We had listed revision #1 of the ingredients (see the Ingredients section below). On receiving this email the company had updated the information on their website to show revision #2. This ingredient listing we saw as being suspect as it was not a formula which could be processed through a kibble extruder. The first revision listed cereal grains as the first ingredient, the second revision listed this ingredient last. Labeling standards require main ingredients to be listed in order of percentage, and you can see on revision 2 this ingredient is listed after salt.

Australian Dog Food Company Dog Food Review

Revision 2 of the ingredients was confusing, so we saw this as suspicious and deceiving to their consumer base. The fact we were contacted by the company and asked to update the review was even more suspicious. We accordingly highlighted this information on our review, and the company within days changed the information on their website yet again to another formula (revision 3).

The 3rd revision of ingredients shows the product to be largely wheat-based, which is widely regarded as a cheap inclusion and a problematic grain in terms of health and allergies.

The original product displayed a logo featuring a kangaroo and the wording “All Aussie – All Good”. Our original review highlighted the similarities of this logo compared to the official Australian Made logo. We saw this as deceiving. See the images below:

Logo from Australian Made Dog Food

Logo from Australian Made Dog Food

Official Australian Made logo, not found on this product

Official Australian Made logo

The email received from their representative on 27nd October 2016 stated they have now received Australian Made certification, which may well be the case.

Australian Dog Food Company Dog Food Review

At the time of writing this review, the Aussie Dogfood product is $135 for a 20kg bag. This is more expensive than 20kg bags from other manufacturers including Black Hawk, Canidae, and Meals for Mutts.

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Good points…

Nothing worth mentioning

Bad points…

A trend of seemingly poor marketing and a variety of ingredient listings is confusing.

Guaranteed Analysis

[gauge title=”Protein” width=”210px” label=”%” value=”23″ min=”0″ max=”100″ color=”#F3832D”] [gauge title=”Fat” width=”210px” label=”%” value=”15″ min=”0″ max=”100″ color=”#F3832D”] [gauge title=”Est. Carbs” width=”210px” label=”%” value=”44″ min=”0″ max=”100″ color=”#F3832D”]

* Carbohydrates aren’t listed on pet food labels. This value is calculated based on levels of protein, fat, moisture, and ash. Estimated values for moisture and ash have been used where these values haven’t been given (moisture of 10%, and ash of 8%).


1st revision (at the time of our first review on 02/08/2016): Wholegrain cereals and cereal by-products, meat and meat by products (derived from beef, chicken or mutton), fats and oils (derived from beef, chicken or fish), pre and probiotic formulation, salt, vitamins and minerals, preservatives and antioxidants.

2nd revision (between first review and 06/11/2016): Meat and meat by products (derived from beef), fats and oils (derived from beef), pre and probiotic formulation, salt, vitamins and minerals, preservatives and antioxidants, wholegrain cereals and cereal by-products.

3rd revision (06/11/2016): Beef meal, ground wholegrain wheat, natural yoghurt, fats and oils (derived from beef), salt, vitamins and minerals (including vitamins A, B1, B2, B3 B5, B6, B9, B12, D3, E, H, K3), natural preservatives (including citric acid, buffered white distilled vinegar, white distilled vinegar) and herbal antioxidants (including amorphous silicon dioxide, tetrasodium pyrophosphate, vegetable oil, natural mixed tocopherols, rosemary extract, green tea extract and spearmint extract).

Australian Dog Food Company Dog Food Review