Crave Cat Food Review

Crave Cat Food Review
3 Total Score
Country of originAustralia
Available fromColes

Crave is one of the cheapest offerings from Mars. If you can’t afford Royal Canin, or Advance, or even Optimum, then you’ll have to resort to Crave. That’s if you’re set on feeding your cat a Mars product.

Crave Cat Food Review

Don’t be fooled by glowing reviews of Crave on the web. The American’s have a much better version to the rubbish we have in Australia.

The formula is basic, being a combination of ambiguous meats and by-products, and ambiguous vegetables and vegetable extracts. The former will benefit your cat more than the latter, but they’re likely in equal proportions. Usually we can interpret ambiguous ingredients as whatever can be sourced cheaply, and when it comes to pet food that means whatever is thrown out the back of a human-grade food production facility. Carrot top, potato skins, chicken carcass, and stuff like that. How are we to know?

Ask yourself what they mean by Natural Flavours? What could they possibly mean by that, why won’t they tell you, and how on Earth can Australian regulations allow them to list such a vague ingredient?

Vitamins and Minerals aren’t disclosed individually. Antioxidants aren’t declared “natural”, which would mean synthetic/chemical.

Doesn’t sound great, does it?


Crave Cat Food Review

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Meat from Poultry (including Chicken); Vegetables and Vegetable Extracts; Chicken Fat; Natural Flavours (made with real Chicken); Beet Pulp; Vitamins and Minerals; Vegetable Oil; Antioxidants; Amino Acids.

Crave Cat Food Review

3 Total Score
Budget Mars Brand.

  • Ambiguous ingredients