Advance Adult Cat Food Review

Advance Adult Cat Food Review
6 Total Score
  • Meat as the first ingredient
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The front of the bag says Expert Pet Nutrition which is then followed by (Trade Mark) to highlight this being a mere marketing term. Advance is a Mars brand, the guys behind the sugary chocolate bar.

The bag says Chicken with Rice, when we know carnivorous felines don’t really need “rice”. It also says “No added Wheat, Whole Corn, Soy & Beef”. I’m not sure what the beef is with beef (other than being an uncommon allergenic), but it’s interesting to see Whole Corn not included but one of the three main ingredients happens to be corn, yet listed as “Maize Gluten”. Fair enough, it’s not whole corn, but it’s still corn, and we’re still dealing with a food for a carnivore. So out of the three top ingredients, meat is only one, and the other two are Rice and Corn. Hmm.

If that isn’t enough grain, we also have sorghum as the 5th ingredient, so it makes you wonder why this is trade marked as expert pet nutrition 🤷

We’ll round off the review by saying the Vitamins & Minerals are very ambiguous, as are the Antioxidants. Neither is a sign of quality, as if quality inclusions are used you can be assured they’ll say so.

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Chicken Meal; Rice; Maize Gluten; Chicken Fat; Sorghum; Natural Flavour (Chicken); Turkey Meal; Salt; Dried Beet Pulp; Vitamins and Minerals; Sunflower Oil; Sodium Tripolyphosphate; Amino Acids (incl. Taurine and Methionine); Antioxidants.

6 Total Score
Since when were Rice and Corn good for a carnivore?

  • Meat as the first ingredient
  • More grain than meat
  • Undisclosed antioxidants