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Eureka Dog Food Review

You've heard of ZIWI Peak? Is Australian air-dried dog food Eureka even better? Find out in this review!

What’s the best dog food (in Australia)?

Choosing the right dog food is HARD! How can we believe what we're told, what's healthy? What is the best dog food in Australia, and why? Hopefully this list ...

Best Dog Food for Small Dogs

The health of your dog starts with the food you feed them. Let's take a look at the best small & toy breed dog foods in Australia, and where many people fail.

Dog food toppers

Add nutrition and pizazz to your dog's dinner with dog food toppers. Boost digestibility, palatability, skin, coat, and overall health. Find the best options ...

New Zealand Dog Food (in Australia)

New Zealand dog foods are super high quality - grass fed, organic, free range, mostly raw whole-prey formulas, with wonderful green lipped mussels. Which ...

Hypoallergenic Dog Foods: What You Need to Know

Looking for hypoallergenic dog food in Australia? Check out our guide for everything you need to know about choosing the right food for your pup's sensitive ...

Antinol Rapid for Dogs Review

1 in 5 dogs suffer joint pain during their lives, so how can we prevent it or help them if it happens? Antinol Rapid is a safe and beneficial supplement, but ...

Cavoodle Breed Information (Cavapoo)

Looking to buy a Cavoodle puppy, or already have one and want to know what to feed him and how to care for him? All in the Cavoodle Breed Profile!

Dachshund Breed Information

Dachshund, Doxie, Sausage Dog, or Weiner Dog - all you need to know, including whether they suit your lifestyle, and what how you should care for them and feed ...

Temptations Cat Treats Review

Looking to buy Temptations cat treats - made by Mars? They're Australia's most popular cat treat, but does that mean they're healthy? Read this review to find ...

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