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Vetalogica Naturals

18 Aug

  Review Details Rating Website Vetalogica Naturals Country of origin Australia The Vetalogica company began when two pharmacists realised many people were incorrectly offering their dogs human vitamins and supplements, which was a trend circa 2000. They formed a successful Australian company selling natural remedies, supplements, and treats for pets. Skip to 2017 and they’ve […]

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Leaps & Bounds Grain Free

31 Jul

Review Details Rating: Website: Leaps & Bounds (PetBarn) Country of Origin: Australia Available from: Petbarn, City Farmers * Note – The guaranteed analysis shown below is that of the original formula. It’s not currently available on the Leaps & Bounds website. Leaps & Bounds is essentially a home brand (or phantom brand) of PetBarn and City Farmers. […]

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Balanced Life (by Vets All Natural)

28 Jul

Review Details Rating Website Balanced Life Available from My Pet Warehouse A quote I often use is “The best diet for a dog is a well formulated raw diet, but the worst diet for a dog is a poorly formulated raw diet”. Feeding raw takes research and consideration, which is why foods such as Balanced Life […]

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Purina Beyond

07 Jul

Review Details Rating Website Purina Beyond Available from Woolworths If you’ve read my other Purina reviews you’ll know I’m not a fan, but Purina Beyond is actually pretty good. I feel they’ve actually considered the nutritional requirements of a dog before calculating their profit margins. This food is available in Woolworths for a reasonable price […]

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