Grain Free Dry Dog Food

Prime100 SPD ZeroG

03 Jul

Review Details Rating: Website: Prime100 Country of origin: Australia Prime100 has built a loyal following in recent months within raw feeding social media groups, and their single-protein rolls are sold by vets targeting dogs with allergies and intolerances. The release of their dry food ZeroG has been anticipated and now imminent, so here’s an initial review […]

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Absolute Holistic (Air Dried)

26 Jun

Review Details Rating Website Absolute Holistic Country of origin New Zealand Available from: My Pet Warehouse Most dogs in Australia are fed processed diets formulated of wheat/sorghum/rice/corn, mostly under the banner of “premium”. But when you consider a dog is from the order carnivora this doesn’t sit right. Wouldn’t it be better to feed them […]

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Whole Hearted

28 May

Review Details Rating Available from PetBarn Whole Hearted adds to the growing trend of “Meat & Pea” grain free formulas we have available in Australia. Actually it seems hard to find grain free formulas without peas these days, and although peas have more nutritional value than the plethora of filler ingredients, it’s not something you should feed […]

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Stockman & Paddock

15 May

Review Details Rating Website Stockman & Paddock Country of origin Australia Stockman & Paddock offer two formulas. A working dog formula (cheap, full of wheat), and the grain free which we’ll look at here. They’re only available in 20kg bags, and the grain free is marginally cheaper than Black Hawk as a comparison. 28% protein […]

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Healthy Everyday Pets (Pete Evans)

14 May

Review Details Rating Website Healthy Everyday Pets (Pete Evans) Country of origin Australia Available from: Healthy Everyday Pets, Pet Circle We haven’t had much luck with celebrities selling or endorsing pet food in the past, with most seeming to “cash-in” on poor products they really don’t seem to care about. So how does celeb chef […]

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