Dry Dog Food

Urban Bully Primo Growth

22 May

Review Details Rating Website Urban Bully Country of origin Australia Urban Bully sell a range of dog products, as well as Primo Growth dog food. The emphasis is on Bulldogs and similar breeds who are very susceptible to food allergies from grains. This food uses rice which is one of the most hypo-allergenic grains. That’s […]

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Stockman & Paddock

15 May

Review Details Rating Website Stockman & Paddock Country of origin Australia Stockman & Paddock offer two formulas. A working dog formula (cheap, full of wheat), and the grain free which we’ll look at here. They’re only available in 20kg bags, and the grain free is marginally cheaper than Black Hawk as a comparison. 28% protein […]

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Healthy Everyday Pets (Pete Evans)

14 May

Review Details Rating Website Healthy Everyday Pets (Pete Evans) We haven’t had much luck with celebrities selling or endorsing pet food in the past, with most seeming to “cash-in” on poor products they really don’t seem to care about. So how does celeb chef “Paleo” Pete Evan’s new range of dog foods stack up? What […]

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Glow (PETstock)

11 May

Review Details Rating Website Glow Available from: PETstock Glow is exclusive to PETstock. It’s actually pretty good for what is essentially a home brand. The main ingredient is chicken meal, which is a protein rich dried form of chicken. The next two ingredients are also rich in protein being lupins and beans, and it’s likely these two ingredients […]

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Alert Plus+

28 Mar

Review Details Rating Website No Website Country of origin Australia If you baked your dog’s poo and stuck it in a bag labelled “Premium” you would have a product arguably healthier than Alert Plus+. It’s produced by Grainfeeds Pty Ltd in Wagin WA, an Australian Family Owned Business. That family should be ashamed. As much […]

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