“Phantom Brands” – Adding Glam to Homebrands

28 Oct

Consider your typical homebrand supermarket dog food. They don’t look appealing do they? Homebrands are typically very cheap to buy. The reason they’re cheap to buy is they’re even cheaper to make. Consumer awareness has grown, which has seen a shift away from homebrands in favour of more commercial brands like Purina and Eukanuba. This isn’t acceptable for the supermarkets, they […]

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What’s the real reason a change in diet can have a smelly effect?

09 Jun

TweetYou’ve changed your dog’s food and now he’s farting and his poos are smelly!? “Screw this! I’m going back to the old food!” I hear people say. But wait a minute, the real reason might be the OLD DIET, not the new diet! “But how!? He was ‘FINE’ on the old diet…!?” Let me fill you in… […]

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Are by-products bad?

25 May

TweetIf you search the web about by-products as part of a canine or feline diet, you’ll find reams of negative information which can be summarised as “Do not feed your pet by-products”. This is misleading. By-products aren’t bad for our pets! Kidneys, liver, brains, and so forth, are all “by-products” and provide vital nutrients which […]

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Is pet food for pets or profit?

24 Mar

Tweet“The pet food industry wasn’t created to offer our pets wholesome nutrition. It was created to turn waste into profit.” This statement may shock you, but the pet food industry wasn’t invented to offer our pets wholesome nutrition. It was invented to dispose of waste from human food production. If a part of an animal can be […]

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Are vets nutritionists? Part II

22 Mar

TweetTo follow on from my earlier post Are vets nutritionists, I’d like to share an excerpt by Sydney veterinarian Doctor Tom Lonsdale as published on ABC News (you can read the article here). In the article Doctor Lonsdale discusses the influence of corporate brands Hills and Royal Canin on veterinary studies. These corporations influence veterinary students at the […]

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