Sample Submission Letter - Senate Inquiry into Australian Pet Food

The following submission letter for the Senate Inquiry into the Pet Food Industry of Australia has been adapted from Tom Londsdale’s sample letter on Raw Meaty Bones.

Submissions are required before 20th July 2018. This can be done here ->

Published submissions can be found here (and used as examples) ->

Please use this sample submission letter and adapt it for your own reasons. Here are some bullet points to give you ideas:

  • Has your dog been sick or affected by a particular brand of pet food? This could be vomit, diarrhoea, itchy skin, IBD, weight gain, ongoing urinary or kidney issues, or similar.
  • Have you purchased a pet food containing a contaminant (plastic, glass, metal, foam, wire).
  • Have you purchased a pet food which was mouldy or spoiled?
  • Do you have concerns over the safety and standards of the processed pet food you feed your pet?
  • Do you have concerns over the toxicity which has affected the 100+ dogs with megaesophagus having eaten Mars Petcare brand ADVANCE Dermocare.
  • Do you consider corporate sponsorship and influence of pet food manufacturers into veterinary studies a severe conflict of interest?
  • Do you consider the labelling and marketing of pet foods as elusive or misleading?
  • Do you have concerns over the country of origin of any pet foods or treats, such as meats imported and irradiated from China, without any clear warning on the packaging?

Sample Submission Letter

Cover Page

[Your name]
[Street address]

[Phone number]
[Web page]


Committee Secretary,
Senate Standing Committees on Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport
Department of the Senate
PO Box 6100
Parliament House

Dear Committee,

Regulatory approaches to ensure the safety of pet food

We are a family inclusive of [dogs/cats/ferrets], and are delighted that the safety of processed pet food is being investigated by the Australian Government.

Please do everything in your power to ensure the Pet Food Industry of Australia is properly regulated, with preventative measures in place to mitigate the risks of contaminants and toxins in processed pet foods, more stringent standards, and better consumer transparency.

[If your pet has been sick on any pet food, or you have purchased a pet food at any stage with contaminants or mould, please elaborate here]

We shall be pleased to provide more information as you may require.

We agree to the publication of our submission on the Internet.

With thanks,

[Your name]